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Search & View

Buyers search nearby. Sellers sell nearby. No long Distances. No wasting Time. No Trust Issues!!!


Chat and Talk

Liked Something? Want to know More? Or just want to ask the terms & conditions Just start typing and find the answer. Isn't it Simple?


Click and Earn

Click beautiful photos of products and start selling. The potential buyer is around the corner.And who does not like clicking. Roger that.


Offers and Events

Know about all the events happening around you. Also keep an eye on all the exciting offers from local shop keepers.

How Attaa Pata is helping

Discover the shops and products in your area. Find all the offers and discounts attached to them. No need to waste the time waiting for the product and most importantly you buy from your known nearby seller. Just interact and feel safe to buy.
Profile yourself in the most customised manner to showcase to the buyer. Click your product and sell instantly with no waiting time. What's more interesting? You can sell over the chat or phone.

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